Qualified for 7 Professional Development Units (PDUs) by Professional Engineers Board (PEB)

Full Day Workshop  (19 November 2018)


Reliable and safe operation of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) are considered critical for industries supporting the wellbeing on a national level.

The growing convergence of these long-separated domains calls for special attention and adoption of best practices. That being said, the ICS functionality can be also be jeopardized internally by an incentivized individual, hence appropriate preventive measures should be taken to cover internal breaches as well.

Target Audience

The proposed training is aimed to empower the competency of a wide range of position holders in the ICS/SCADA arena. Graduates of this course will master the key terms, technologies, and vector activities related to the computerized control which they operate. The training program is suitable for the following groups:

  • IT personnel who need to know more on ICS/SCADA risks and defense in order to assure better collaboration amongst these teams;
  • SCADA/ICS engineers involved with design, maintenance of industrial plants and manufacturing processes;
  • Operators dealing with control of renewable and other power technology plants, sewage plants, desalination and other chemical process plants;
  • A broad range of managers interested in upgrading their technical knowledge and to be able to make informed and cost-effective investment decisions

Upon completion of this program, graduates should be able to defend critical infrastructures and comprehend the mechanisms behind it. It will also better prepare them to apply for certification in classes such as CISO and CISSP.

Part 1           08:30 – 12:30 Introduction to ICS and Cyber security

  • Introduction to ICS (SCADA, OT) Architecture
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions
  • Field Control units PLC, RTU, IED and Remote I/Os
  • Use of Automation Servers, PAC and DCS in Plants
  • Complementing Sensors and Field Control Devices
  • PLC / RTU Configuration and Programming
  • Connection between Safety and Cyber Security
  • ICS and IT Systems- Differences Related to Cyber Risks


Part 2           13:30 – 17:30 ICS Cyber security Risk and defense

  • Introduction to SCADA System Security Vulnerabilities
  • Defense Achieved by PPT: People-Policy-Technology
  • External & Internal attacks: MitM, DOS, DDoS, GPS
  • Industrial Cyber Kill Chain Attack Process
  • Communications and Process Anomaly Detection
  • In Depth Defense and Packet’s Inspection for ICS
  • Firewalls, IDS, SIEM, DMZ, UGW, Visibility Analysis
  • Best Practices to Enhance ICS-IIoT Cyber Defense